Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So you Think You Can Dance 2010- Fullerton, CA

Now this is the 4th annual So You Think You Can Dance competition that our church has put on. It took place at Cal State Fullerton College and was a great turn out! There were many different styles of Dance from hip hop to tap to modern. One crew had about 30 dance members in it! I would say there were about 250-300 people at the event. Praise the Lord in bringing many people to the event! Then at the end Break Free rocked the beats on the dance floor alongside bboy Don, Eddy, Maria, and Matt. It was one of the most fun cyphers I have been a part of! There was lots of energy and joy while we were dancing. Then I had the privilege to share the gospel of Jesus Christ at the end. I spoke out of Mark 10 on the rich young ruler about surrendering your life to Christ. Praise the Lord about 7 people responded to the call and trusted in Jesus as savior and Lord! Thanks to all the prayers of the saints, God answered in a mighty way! God “wants all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.” 1 Tim. 2:4

Break Free brings the Gospel to Tokyo, Japan!

Well the Lord opened up a door to go to the land of the rising sun, Japan! This trip initially started when Mike Swalley and myself (Josh) wanted to go to the biggest break dance competition in the world (Red Bull BC ONE) that was being held in Japan. We thought we could make a mission trip out of it if the Lord blessed us with tickets to the competition, a place to stay and plane tickets. It’s amazing how in my heart I planned my course, but the Lord directed my steps (Proverbs 16:9). I first planned to have my wife Krista, Mike and myself go on this trip if it were Gods will. But Mike couldn’t make it do to seminary, Krista couldn’t make it do to parent teacher conferences, and I still felt God was leading me to go. I wasn’t sure with who though. So when the Red bull tickets went on sale the Lord opened up the door for me buy 3 tickets! That was an answer to prayer. Then it was about 2 or 3 weeks later that God provided a place for us to stay for free! Then the Lord provided sponsors for the trip so we could get plane tickets and have cash for the trip. Then Vincente (Saint-E) and Angelito were able to accompany me to Tokyo. It is an amazing city. The sad thing is that Christianity is only .4% in Japan. Its one of the most unreached places in the world. We were excited to work alongside fuse community church in our outreaches. The theme verse for our week was Eph. 5:16 “Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” We had the pleasure to teach a bboy class to their church. And then we were able go out to two different train stations and dance to draw a crowd. One funny story was when we were at the train station. A big crowd came to watch and one young man in a suit, tie, and brief case came to watch. He couldn’t speak English but showed much interest in the dancing so I asked him to dance. He dropped his brief case, unloosened his tie, and got down on the floor to break in his nice square toe dress shoes! And he was good. I have never seen anyone bboy all dressed up on the streets. He was a die hard. Thank the Lord we handed out many tracks and got into some good conversations. Every place we ministered, God provided Japanese bboys. Whether we were at train stations, the University, or at the Red Bull competition, we were able to share the Good News of Christ with the bboys. God did an amazing work while we were there! And yeah, the Red Bull BC ONE was awesome! We actually had probably the most witnessing convo’s at this competition. The dancing was incredible and the energy was upbeat!We even had the blessing to dance and converse with the Red Bull dancers a few days before the event. Overall, the Lord really gave us a great trip and we really enjoyed serving him out there!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pastor Craigs going away party CCEA, CA

Woodbridge High with Bboy Don- Irvine, CA

Another school the Lord opened the door up for us to preach the gospel was at woodbridge high school of Irvine. There were about 100 students who came. Thanks to FCA we were able to get our foot in the door and share about Jesus. A good friend of mine, bboy Don with In Rythm with Him Minstry, came to dance with me. It was fun and there was a lot of energy with this group. Something that really moved me was that when I gave the invitation to recieve Christ only one girl raised her hand. It takes a lot of courage in the midst of your peers and friends to stand up to recieve Christ. But she did it. I encouraged her with these words that Christ told us " There is more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents, than 99 righteous people who need no repentance." Praise the Lord for saving that girl and the seeds of gospel were planted into the hearts of the other students there!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Break Free hits the schools through FCA

Through God's amazing soverignty Break Free is still preaching the gospel at PUBLIC high schools through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). California is such a liberal state and we all know you cannot even pray in public schools let alone have Christ preached, but The Lord still has his hand on keeping the door open for us to share Christ crucified. This past Wed. I was not physically feeling good and was supposed to dance/share at Foothill Highschool. I really wasn't sure if I could dance and my voice was not sounding good because of my cold. But Mike Swalley (BISHOP) sent me a prayer text that the Lord would work powerfully through my weakness. And man, did the Lord ever! A different micael, helped me dance at the school. There were over 500 high schoolers in the gym!! We danced and the crowd kept getting bigger. I started to preach,and the crowd kept growing. I have never had spoken to that many students in a public school. Praise Jesus! It was a like a mini crusade, by Gods grace. Thanks to FCA, they provided free pizza for the kids and did a fantastic job getting the word out. So I preached about Gods greatest gift given to humanity, Jesus Christ. I shared the gospel and gave the invite. About 7 kids stood to their feet in the midst of all their peers to proclaim Jesus as Lord. They understood "...the gift of God is eternal life, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23" I was so pumped, how many seeds were planted and the souls that were saved. Please continue to pray for me and FCA, as we preach Christ over the next couple months in the public schools.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bboy beebop 1 v 1 battle

bboy Saint-E vs bboy Calvin

Break Free and Hook furthering the Kingdom- Hungtington,CA

Break Free has occasionally worked alongside the Hook drama ministry from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim. But now, Break Free has planned to be more consistent in working together with Hook. The ministry is called "hook" because they use gospel centered drama's to lure a crowd in the same way we use break dancing to draw a crowd. This past saturday was an awesome work of Gods spirit through His people! We were located on the front of the pier which where most of the public walks by. So we started off with some praise and worship music, breakn, and then the gospel dramas. The Lord brought many people to come and see the dramas which opened up many doors for one to one witnessing! The seeds of Gods Truth were scattered all over different hearts throughout the night. Then, bboy don from 'In Rthym with Him' hip hop ministry , joined us up later and break danced with us. Saint-E, Liz, Ryan all helped out with breakn to draw a crowd. Towards the end of the night, we had a great crowd and I(Josh) had the priviledge to open air preach and talked about God's free gift of salvation. By Gods grace, about 6 people recieved Christ! It was awesome. No matter where we go, the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe (Romans 1:16)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hungary, Budapest part 3

It has now been the third year in a row that Break Free has been able to go to Budapest Hungary to reach the lost. We connected, once again, with the Calvary Chapel Budapest church in doing our outreaches. The first three days of our trip was spent teaching the dramas that portrayed the gospel in different ways. My wife and I personally didn’t teach the dramas but I had the privilege to teach break dancing to some of the Hungarians. They ate it up! I wasn’t even really planning on teaching but the issue came up when we were there and they loved it. So we practiced for a couple hours and we had many people of all shapes and sizes come and learn. What I loved about the Hungarians attitude was there “ I don’t care what people think of me” mindset. They came to learn and have fun. So after one day of practice we hit up Budapest. By the way Budapest is pronounced “Buda- Pesht”. Basically say Budapest the way Sean Connery would say it. Anyways, since the Hungarians know how to do the Dramas our team split up to different locations almost every day. It was great for me to have about 3 to 5 other people dancing with me to draw a crowd so we could proclaim Christ. Some of the Hungarians who helped me were Laci, Ruben, Norbi, and Tan. Also, Angelito from our team, who is suffering from chronic back pain, helped us out with his dancing. Bgirl Liz joined us later in the trip, who did a great job adding some good style to the team. Thanks to the prayers of many, lots of people were saved! Praise Jesus! There were anywhere from about 5 to 20 people a day that came into a personal relationship with Christ. My constant prayer throughout the trip and in my own life is to pray that God will save people because that is His heart. God “…wants all men to be saved and come to knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4. The Lord taught me to pray in Faith (Mark 11:24) that in His timing, His way and for His glory that God will save people. I have seen that God is desiring for us to pray with faith that God would graciously reach down and pull people out of the bondage of sin and saved them. And He does! One specific story on this trip was when I was open air preaching and felt as if there was nobody listening. I really felt that I was preaching to our teams and that nobody else stopped by to listen to the gospel. But little did I know that there was a young man in the crowd who wasn’t saved and God had been working on His heart. So after I preached and was a little discouraged, this young man named Zoltan came up to me and said he wanted to ask me some questions. I was thrilled! After about 20 min of sharing Christ and listening to Zoltan, he was ready to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! It was awesome! What seemed to be a discouraging happened to be a huge blessing. The cool thing was that we invited Zoltan to church, which was a couple nights later, and he came. He had a heart to grow in his new walk with God. Now, that was one of many awesome stories God did through us! On the last day of outreach, one of the Hungarians wanted me to teach him some break dancing. So I took him aside and was teaching him some moves. As I was doing this, two young guys were walking by and asked if I was a bboy. I told them I was and they said that they were too and that they were from Italy. So we connected right away and they actually danced with us in our outreach! It was incredible because they helped us draw the biggest crowd we had ever had. It paved the way for some open air preaching in which the Lord moved powerfully! The Lord did much more than we could possibly imagine in planting seeds and seeing souls saved. We pray that this passion to reach the lost carries over into our daily lives here in America. –Josh (bebop)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Break Through, Costa Mesa CA

The Break Through event was great! Bboy Don from In Rhythm with Him asked Break Free to come down and break for this event that was put on by Calvary chapel Costa Mesa. Bboy Don has been such a blessing to me personally and to our ministry. The Break Through event had many hip hop artists and rappers preaching Jesus Christ. The thing I was most impressed about was that each music artist spoke so clearly and Biblically about Jesus Christ and the need to have a relationship with Him. Saint-E, myself and many others did a lot of bboying and hip hop dancing throughout the evening. We had many kids come and participate with our dancing which was a lot of fun. We had to leave early but Bboy Don let me know that many people received Christ as Lord and Savior that night! We were thrilled to be a part of the break through event! - Beebop

Miles For Melanoma, Fullerton CA

Break Free was asked to be a part of the Miles for Melanoma 5K race. It was a great privilege to be a part of this particular event as it was a fundraiser for melanoma cancer. My wife Krista ran in this event in honor of her mom, Patty, who died of Melanoma cancer over 10 years ago. At our church, a dermatologist by the name of Bill Baugh is a passionate follower of Jesus and loves to reach the lost. Bill is the man who heads up this event and asked us to come out to break dance and most importantly, preach Christ! There were around 1000 people at this race and all sorts of vendors were set up. The great thing was that we were right in the middle of the vendors preaching the gospel. We were working alongside hook ministry (drama ministry) in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had the joy to open air preach my testimony and also how life is a race and that we need to throw off everything that hinders and fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1,2). Also, Bboy Don from In Rhythm with Him ministry came down to bboy with us in reaching the lost. So Saint-E, Don, Bill’s son Ethan, and myself were thrown it down (breakn) in the morning. By Gods grace, many people heard the gospel and because of this we rejoiced! - Beebop

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

King of OC- Irvine

Every Few months the a Battle is put on at the Heritage Community Center in Irvine called the King of OC. This past weekend it was a 2 on 2 battle in which Saint-E and Beebop represented Break Free. Ultimately, we wanted to represent Christ in the way we battled and conducted ourselves. As I sat and watched the bboy my heart felt a sorrow towards them because it seemed as if this is what most of these guys/girls live for. And I really want them to see that life is all about knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known to others. Please pray that Break Free has more compassion for the bboy scene and reaches to them in love and Truth! We had a lot of fun competing and we also want to plan doing more battles to reach out to the bboy community for Christ! "

Break Free Picture Day with Brandon Kidd!

I have always wanted to get some professional photos of Break Free Ministry and who better to have as a photographer than Brandon Kidd! Brandon is a personal good friend of mine who loves Jesus Christ and is a sucessfull photographer. He took my engagement photos, as well as my wedding photos and did an incredible job. Check out his website So the Lord worked out a perfect time/date to get Brandon away from his busy schedule, Mike "bishop" Swalley away from Dallas, and the rest of us together to make this shoot possible. These shots were taken near the train station in downtown fullerton. It was great to have the entire crew together! The Lord opened up a door for Mike to share the Lord with a stranger which was awesome. The shoot took a couple hours and was a lot of fun. Thanks Brandon for doing a great job!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Got SkillZ 2- Phoenix, AZ

It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ. The young adults team from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim came down to help minister the gospel at a break free outreach called " I Got Skillz". This was the 2nd I got Skillz competition (you can check out the first one in our 2008 section of the blog)and it was a great event! First off, it was completely centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We collaborated with two other churches which were Whitton Ave. Bible Church and Roosevelt Community Church. It was awesome to see three different churches working together to fufill the great comission! This was our first Break Free event where we battled each other. We also had 3 judges :Sean, Andy, and Nathan. We had the tremendous priviledge of having 2 live DJ's who spun for us. DJ Paolo and DJ Mikey P who were great. For the first round we did a three way battle where it was Beebop (josh) vs. Liz vs. Emily. Liz came off with strong energy while Emily did well with showing off her style. Also, Saint-E (vincente) battled Bishop (Mike)and it was intense! Bishop came off with some clean moves and vicente came right back at him with his polished floor work and freezes. They ended up having a tie breaker and Mike won that battle. Then Liz battled Emily to see who could go for third and forth place. Liz went on to the next round. For intermission, Liz shared her testimony for the first time with Break Free. She talked about the power of God at work in her life in which she has been growing to understand the grace of God. After Liz's testimony, Saint-E battled Liz for third and fourth place. Liz really put the pressure on Saint-E and it was a fun battle! Saint-E ended up taking 3rd. Then lastly, Beebop and Bishop battled in the finals. I personally had a great time and actually it was our first official battle. Beebop threw in a couple new sets while Mike was the crowd pleaser with his great creativity! We ended up have to do two tie breakers, which was exhausting but incredibly fun. Beebop ended up winning. But the main focus of the night was when Mike shared the gospel. Before he shared, the Hook team from CCEA performed a moving drama that portrays the gospel. They did a fantastic job. Then Mike transitioned and talked about how all of our "good" works are as filthy rags in the sight of a Holy God. And God became man to take the punishment for our sins because of unconditional Love. "God demonstrated his love towards us in this: that while we were still sinners Christ died for us." It was powerful! This message opened up the door for us to have one to one conversations with people who came to the event! It was an awesome night, thanks for all the prayers, hard work and support that went into it! - Beebop

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Break Free Connects with In Rhythm with Him! Santa Ana, CA

Break Free hit up the streets of downtown Santa Ana for their monthly art walk on February 6th.. Bboy Don with In Rhythm with Him Ministry hooked us up and we came along side to help fufill the great commission. Bboy Don is a great man of God who has a heart for lost people in the Hip Hop culture. He has been bboying since 1983 I believe (Before I was born!) and he can still throw down moves better than most of us! Downtown Santa Ana puts on a art walk the first saturday of every month and we use hip hop as a way to reach the culture where there at without compromising the gospel of Jesus Christ! The night went great praise God. It was raining all day but the Lord parted the clouds for part of the night while we were there. There were many bboys and the crowds grew large to see what all the hype was. Vincente (Saint-E), Liz, and myself(Beebop) were breakn for Christ. Liz really got the crowd going when she nailed here freeze! Bboy Don and myself (Josh) did most of the open air preaching and hook ministry of Calvary Chapel east anaheim did a drama which opened up the door to share Christ! We were preaching the Word in and out of season by Gods grace! I really loved to see the Unity among believers of different Christian churches. Many people heard about Jesus and as the night went on the rain started to pour. But that didn't quench Don's passion to proclaim Jesus through dance and hip hop. Another brother also did some spoken Word which was really talented. I was blessed to be a part of the night. If you want to check us out come to the next art walk. Its the first saturday of every month in down town Santa Ana!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Vincente's Testimony

Hey, my name is Vincente Alvarado! Im 23 years old and i'm from Honduras. Here is my story: I'm so thankful with God becuse since my childhood, I have learned God's ways and i've grown from a kid to a young man. So that is how I found out about "kings Castle Ministry". That made me see what was worldly and what was spiritual. In 1999, I dedicated myself to serving God with the gospel as the main objective. But we had to be ready in prayer, Bible studies, and other spiritual aspects. Then in 2003 we started to make choreography for the christian youth and I knew that God had something special for me. I remember my 3 friends and I were watching a break dance choreogrpahy and we liked it. Then I began to share the gospel through break dancing. I didn't know the plan that God had for me. So the time came for me to pray and wait. In 2007, God gave me the opportunity to come to the United States and I was grateful because I got a job and my desire to be like Jesus increased. 8 months later, a workmate told me about Calvary Chapel East Anaheim church. But the crazy thing is that he went to a different church. So I decided to go to Calvary Chapel East Anaheim in 2009 and I met Mike Swalley (bboy bishop) and Josh (beebop) from break free ministry. They opened the door and gave me a chance to keep sharing the gospel and to bboy. Thats my Story. "We always have to do God's will"- Vincente