Monday, November 24, 2008

Break Free Hits the Schools

Breakfree ministry has been such a blessing to be a part of over the past 6 months. God has been moving mightily and been saving many people! Mike and I have been going to public schools mainly in the Orange County area and sharing the gospel through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Its such a miracle to be able to share Christ in a public school setting in such a liberal state. God has his sovereign hand on this specific outreach and we have been seeing students come to know Christ!At one specific school saw about 7 students give their lives to Christ and at a different school, we saw about 20 accept Christ! God is mighty to save! Mike and I definitely appreciate your prayers and we feel like Peter did in Acts 12 when the church of God was fervently lifting him up in prayer. We see the power of prayer at work! Those of you who have been praying/supporting breakfee just greatly appreciate all your labor of love.

There also has been an after church breakdance practice at our calvary chapel church on Thursday nights. The gymnasium in the church is open from 10:15-11:45pm. Many young people have been coming and its a great enviroment to dance and have 1 on 1 conversations.

Prayer requests:
-Pray for the guys we dance with in Irvine and the schools we speak at. That God would save them and we faithfully continue to minister to them.

-Pray the Mike and I stay humble and keep Jesus at the front of our ministry.

-Pray that Gods will is done in our lives individually as well as the ministry.