Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Break Free brings the Gospel to Tokyo, Japan!

Well the Lord opened up a door to go to the land of the rising sun, Japan! This trip initially started when Mike Swalley and myself (Josh) wanted to go to the biggest break dance competition in the world (Red Bull BC ONE) that was being held in Japan. We thought we could make a mission trip out of it if the Lord blessed us with tickets to the competition, a place to stay and plane tickets. It’s amazing how in my heart I planned my course, but the Lord directed my steps (Proverbs 16:9). I first planned to have my wife Krista, Mike and myself go on this trip if it were Gods will. But Mike couldn’t make it do to seminary, Krista couldn’t make it do to parent teacher conferences, and I still felt God was leading me to go. I wasn’t sure with who though. So when the Red bull tickets went on sale the Lord opened up the door for me buy 3 tickets! That was an answer to prayer. Then it was about 2 or 3 weeks later that God provided a place for us to stay for free! Then the Lord provided sponsors for the trip so we could get plane tickets and have cash for the trip. Then Vincente (Saint-E) and Angelito were able to accompany me to Tokyo. It is an amazing city. The sad thing is that Christianity is only .4% in Japan. Its one of the most unreached places in the world. We were excited to work alongside fuse community church in our outreaches. The theme verse for our week was Eph. 5:16 “Making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.” We had the pleasure to teach a bboy class to their church. And then we were able go out to two different train stations and dance to draw a crowd. One funny story was when we were at the train station. A big crowd came to watch and one young man in a suit, tie, and brief case came to watch. He couldn’t speak English but showed much interest in the dancing so I asked him to dance. He dropped his brief case, unloosened his tie, and got down on the floor to break in his nice square toe dress shoes! And he was good. I have never seen anyone bboy all dressed up on the streets. He was a die hard. Thank the Lord we handed out many tracks and got into some good conversations. Every place we ministered, God provided Japanese bboys. Whether we were at train stations, the University, or at the Red Bull competition, we were able to share the Good News of Christ with the bboys. God did an amazing work while we were there! And yeah, the Red Bull BC ONE was awesome! We actually had probably the most witnessing convo’s at this competition. The dancing was incredible and the energy was upbeat!We even had the blessing to dance and converse with the Red Bull dancers a few days before the event. Overall, the Lord really gave us a great trip and we really enjoyed serving him out there!!

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Teresa A. Searcy said...

Will you come to Honduras and minister? I work with teens and young kids on the street. This is a serious invitation.