Monday, December 21, 2009

Break Free connects with LOT 3 18 ministy Placentia, CA

Break Free had done a demonstration at Yorba Linda Friends Church a while back and I got connected with a lady there named Letty. Letty is a fire ball for Christ. This woman has so much enthusiasm for Christ and a passion to help people. She told me the ministry that she has been heading up for years is called Lot 3 18. Funny thing was my wife’s old roommate Jamie was a friend of Letty and she told Letty about me a long time ago. Then divinely our paths crossed when Break Free did a demo at her church. Lot 3 18 meets in Placentia CA on Cypress St. Cypress St. is located in a lower class neighborhood where Letty heads up after school programs as well as Bible studies for all ages ( kids to adults). So Break Free goes down twice a month to Cypress and works with Lot 3 18 by teaching high schoolers break dancing and Gods awesome Word. Vicente from Break Free really connects well with this group as he himself is from Honduras Central America. So his Spanish speaking along with his cool personality really connects well with the group. He was able to teach out of God's Word about obeying your parents and the kids were listening really well! We spend about an hour and a half breakn and then finish up with a short message from the Bible. Its really amazing to see, once again, how break dancing has built a bridge with the community for us to share/show the Love of Christ. Praise be to Jesus that He allows us to be a part of His amazing work!

"Mini" So you think you can dance? Anaheim, CA

This was our first “mini” So you think you can dance competition and it took place near the down town Anaheim area. Our young adults group from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim really did an awesome job with setting up and praying up! A gracious couple allowed us to use their home, which was a hug historic house right in the middle of a lower class neighborhood. The Lord drew so many people (bout 200) to come watch the dancing and hear the gospel! There were many different dance styles and lots of the kids from the neighborhood participated as well. As for our Break Free battle we decided to do a two on two competition. It was Liz and myself (josh) vs. Vicente and up coming new bboy David Aldama. It was sweet ! Vicente cleaned up the floor with smooth floor work, Liz got the crowd going with her head freeze, David threw his gainer back flip, and Josh came out with his power moves! Overall the competition was a lot of fun and it was great to see the crowd so into it! Then I had the privilege of sharing the message, which was centered on Hope. I said that hope is not wishful thinking like “ I hope I win the lottery”. But rather hope is “Confident assurance or expectation that what the Bible says is going to happen.” Hope in Christ and his word is what strengthens us and gives us peace. “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. The will soar on wings like eagles… (Isaiah 40:30,31). If our hope is in our mighty God our problems become small and our strength increases. And then I shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and gave invitations to receive Him by faith. Praise God about 8 people received Christ from all different ages! Much prayer had been going into this night and God answered way more than we ever thought!