Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beebop and Special K get married! Macedonia/Greece/London

On April 11th 2009, Josh Sazdanoff (beebop) got married to Krista Pleak (Special K)and it was a very special day! Krista looked amazing in her beautiful white wedding dress while Josh was playing it cool in his black suit. The day was an answer to prayer because the news and many skeptics said it was probably going to rain. But Krista and I prayed that it would not rain (like Elijah) and trusted that the Lord was going to give us a great clear day, and He did! The entire wedding took place in Whittier at a house that Krista always dreamed of getting married at. Family and friends of all different backgrounds came to celebrate our beautiful covenant that the Lord has ordained. My good friend pastor steve knox gave them message and clearly laid our the gospel while Krista and I's young adults pastor took us through our vows. My eye's were glued to my beautiful bride while craid was speaking, I dont remember what he was saying :) We were married and Krista and I walked out together as Sazdanoff's, with Cold Play playing in the background. There was a killer taco bar and some great speeches from friends and family. Krista and I did our slow dance but faked the crowd out when the music died and busted out some breakn to Run DMC! Krista is a natural bgirl! Bboy bisop (mike),Bboy veritaz (Tim), and some old skool bboys busted out like bboy L (landon) and Bboy backside (peter). And one of the highlights with dancing was when I called my dad out to break (he promised me he would break at my wedding) and it was a sight to see! After a great day of fun, dancing, and the gospel of Jesus Christ being shared, Krista and I headed out.Check out our wedding slide show on our photographers'(brandon kidd,great photographer!) website
The follwoing monday we headed out for our honeymoon to Europe! We flew into Macedonia for a day and hung out with some of my relatives out there (my dad is from Macedonia)and then took a train to thessaloniki (yes, modern day thessalonica, where the apostle Paul went!). It was awesome, we were blessed to have a hotel over looking the agean sea. We walked around the city and ate real greek Gyros. We had some really cool opportunities to witness to people in greece. While Krista and I were down in Greece we read through 1 Thessalonians and just imagined Paul walking the streets and witnessing and causing uproars in the synagogues for the sake of Christ (Acts 17). It was Easter weekend there and obviously Greek Orthodox is the major religion so we were able to get into witnessing convo's with a taxi driver, our front desk receptionist, a teenager on the streets who saw me breakn and a British man next door to us on the hotel. Praise God! "For our gospel did not come to you in word only but also in power, in the Holy Spirit, and with full conviction..." 1 Thess. 1:5 Then we went to Macedonia and stayed in the village where my dad grew up called Capari. It was awesome! It is an old, poor village that has about 400 people living in it. Beautiful scenery which had awesome mountains, forests, and cold rivers running through it.The Lord's creation is aweomse! My family really spoiled us with great food and taking us around the city. On our way home Krista and I had a 12 hour layover in London and we took a train to the picadilly circus and took a cool tour of the city. Krista and I had a blast and the Lord really gave us a great time!