Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Got SkillZ 2- Phoenix, AZ

It was a beautiful sunny weekend in Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ. The young adults team from Calvary Chapel East Anaheim came down to help minister the gospel at a break free outreach called " I Got Skillz". This was the 2nd I got Skillz competition (you can check out the first one in our 2008 section of the blog)and it was a great event! First off, it was completely centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. We collaborated with two other churches which were Whitton Ave. Bible Church and Roosevelt Community Church. It was awesome to see three different churches working together to fufill the great comission! This was our first Break Free event where we battled each other. We also had 3 judges :Sean, Andy, and Nathan. We had the tremendous priviledge of having 2 live DJ's who spun for us. DJ Paolo and DJ Mikey P who were great. For the first round we did a three way battle where it was Beebop (josh) vs. Liz vs. Emily. Liz came off with strong energy while Emily did well with showing off her style. Also, Saint-E (vincente) battled Bishop (Mike)and it was intense! Bishop came off with some clean moves and vicente came right back at him with his polished floor work and freezes. They ended up having a tie breaker and Mike won that battle. Then Liz battled Emily to see who could go for third and forth place. Liz went on to the next round. For intermission, Liz shared her testimony for the first time with Break Free. She talked about the power of God at work in her life in which she has been growing to understand the grace of God. After Liz's testimony, Saint-E battled Liz for third and fourth place. Liz really put the pressure on Saint-E and it was a fun battle! Saint-E ended up taking 3rd. Then lastly, Beebop and Bishop battled in the finals. I personally had a great time and actually it was our first official battle. Beebop threw in a couple new sets while Mike was the crowd pleaser with his great creativity! We ended up have to do two tie breakers, which was exhausting but incredibly fun. Beebop ended up winning. But the main focus of the night was when Mike shared the gospel. Before he shared, the Hook team from CCEA performed a moving drama that portrays the gospel. They did a fantastic job. Then Mike transitioned and talked about how all of our "good" works are as filthy rags in the sight of a Holy God. And God became man to take the punishment for our sins because of unconditional Love. "God demonstrated his love towards us in this: that while we were still sinners Christ died for us." It was powerful! This message opened up the door for us to have one to one conversations with people who came to the event! It was an awesome night, thanks for all the prayers, hard work and support that went into it! - Beebop

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