Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miles For Melanoma, Fullerton CA

Break Free was asked to be a part of the Miles for Melanoma 5K race. It was a great privilege to be a part of this particular event as it was a fundraiser for melanoma cancer. My wife Krista ran in this event in honor of her mom, Patty, who died of Melanoma cancer over 10 years ago. At our church, a dermatologist by the name of Bill Baugh is a passionate follower of Jesus and loves to reach the lost. Bill is the man who heads up this event and asked us to come out to break dance and most importantly, preach Christ! There were around 1000 people at this race and all sorts of vendors were set up. The great thing was that we were right in the middle of the vendors preaching the gospel. We were working alongside hook ministry (drama ministry) in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I had the joy to open air preach my testimony and also how life is a race and that we need to throw off everything that hinders and fix our eyes on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1,2). Also, Bboy Don from In Rhythm with Him ministry came down to bboy with us in reaching the lost. So Saint-E, Don, Bill’s son Ethan, and myself were thrown it down (breakn) in the morning. By Gods grace, many people heard the gospel and because of this we rejoiced! - Beebop


kaney said...

Melanoma (meaning black tumor) is not only the most malignant of all skin cancers, but it is also among the most malignant of all cancers. It can spread to nearly every organ and tissue in the body and can lead to death within a year after it recurs in distant sites.

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