Friday, June 27, 2008

The Windy City, Chicago Part 2

Well, it had been over a year ago that breakfree invaded downtown Chi town. Chicago is personally my favoite city. The people, architecture, food, and culture make the city come alive and a lot of fun.On friday,the day before the event,we were hangin out at a local park breakdancing and what not. Sure enough, an older Asian man came up to us and wanted to learn. So we all engaged in teaching him breakn but we also were able to share the Lord with him. So Tim had a great coversation with him while mike witnessed to the Asian man's friend! I (Josh) was praying for them and thought how awesome it was to see God bless us with divine appoinments. It didn't stop there either. The amazing thing is that the weather was not good going into this trip and we prayed fervently about good weather for saturday's event that we had planned out. Sure enough, God blessed us with great sunny weather. So breakfree teamed up with Harvest Bible's College group(Mike and Josh both used to attend this church)and we presented the gospel to the lost. Right before the event got started Mike, Tim, and I were able to witness to some peeps. Instead of us going out fishing for men God literally had the fish jump into our boat. Tim and I were able to witness to a group os scientology protestors, which was great. Mike got to witness to a couple guys who were sitting on the bench next to him. Then when we actually got the event started, we breakdanced at the same beaufitful location as last year, Millenium Park. We danced for maybe 5 min and the got kicked out. Last year, we danced there for 4 hours or so and now we got the boot in 5 min. Thats alright, we dusted our shoe's off and went the next park over, Grants Park. We had handfull's of people come and watch and it was great to see pretty much everybody witnessing to strangers!We also were able to break in a tunnel which felt like the old school way of how breakdancing really started. It was a great day of dancing and ministry. I was very blessed to be with my two best friends in my favorite city doing my favorite things: Sharing the gospel and breakn. God is so good and faithful! "We boast in nothing but the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ