Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hungary, Budapest part 3

It has now been the third year in a row that Break Free has been able to go to Budapest Hungary to reach the lost. We connected, once again, with the Calvary Chapel Budapest church in doing our outreaches. The first three days of our trip was spent teaching the dramas that portrayed the gospel in different ways. My wife and I personally didn’t teach the dramas but I had the privilege to teach break dancing to some of the Hungarians. They ate it up! I wasn’t even really planning on teaching but the issue came up when we were there and they loved it. So we practiced for a couple hours and we had many people of all shapes and sizes come and learn. What I loved about the Hungarians attitude was there “ I don’t care what people think of me” mindset. They came to learn and have fun. So after one day of practice we hit up Budapest. By the way Budapest is pronounced “Buda- Pesht”. Basically say Budapest the way Sean Connery would say it. Anyways, since the Hungarians know how to do the Dramas our team split up to different locations almost every day. It was great for me to have about 3 to 5 other people dancing with me to draw a crowd so we could proclaim Christ. Some of the Hungarians who helped me were Laci, Ruben, Norbi, and Tan. Also, Angelito from our team, who is suffering from chronic back pain, helped us out with his dancing. Bgirl Liz joined us later in the trip, who did a great job adding some good style to the team. Thanks to the prayers of many, lots of people were saved! Praise Jesus! There were anywhere from about 5 to 20 people a day that came into a personal relationship with Christ. My constant prayer throughout the trip and in my own life is to pray that God will save people because that is His heart. God “…wants all men to be saved and come to knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4. The Lord taught me to pray in Faith (Mark 11:24) that in His timing, His way and for His glory that God will save people. I have seen that God is desiring for us to pray with faith that God would graciously reach down and pull people out of the bondage of sin and saved them. And He does! One specific story on this trip was when I was open air preaching and felt as if there was nobody listening. I really felt that I was preaching to our teams and that nobody else stopped by to listen to the gospel. But little did I know that there was a young man in the crowd who wasn’t saved and God had been working on His heart. So after I preached and was a little discouraged, this young man named Zoltan came up to me and said he wanted to ask me some questions. I was thrilled! After about 20 min of sharing Christ and listening to Zoltan, he was ready to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! It was awesome! What seemed to be a discouraging happened to be a huge blessing. The cool thing was that we invited Zoltan to church, which was a couple nights later, and he came. He had a heart to grow in his new walk with God. Now, that was one of many awesome stories God did through us! On the last day of outreach, one of the Hungarians wanted me to teach him some break dancing. So I took him aside and was teaching him some moves. As I was doing this, two young guys were walking by and asked if I was a bboy. I told them I was and they said that they were too and that they were from Italy. So we connected right away and they actually danced with us in our outreach! It was incredible because they helped us draw the biggest crowd we had ever had. It paved the way for some open air preaching in which the Lord moved powerfully! The Lord did much more than we could possibly imagine in planting seeds and seeing souls saved. We pray that this passion to reach the lost carries over into our daily lives here in America. –Josh (bebop)