Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Third Annual "So you think you can Dance?" Competition. Fullerton ,CA

Months of planning and praying have gone into this competition. Thanks to our good friend, Sean Christiansen, helped get this event together along with the help from Campus Crusade for Christ. The was the third year the event was held at Cal state Fullerton College. The Lord really worked mightily that night! We had probably around three hundred + people show up to the competition with many different crews entering it. We had hip hop, ballet, modern,latino, and of course break dancing! We'll break free had the priviledge to battle a crew named 'Source of Style' who were really good. On our line up we had Tim (veritaz), Josh (beebop), Liz, shelli, Justin, and Vince. It was a great battle of epic of epic proportions:) Source of style really did an awesome job, that had great talent as well as variety in their dancing. I was very proud of how break free represented though as well. Veritaz (Tim) was coming hard with his skills, vince was bringing his fresh latino style, beebop (Josh) brought the power moves, and the ladies (Liz, shelli) brought the style. Then after the dancing an individual from Campus Crusade Ministry, Rico, spoke and shared his testimony/gospel of Jesus Christ. It was incredible to see people come to know Jesus and raise their hands to recieve Christ right at the competition that very night! The power of God unto salvation was at work in peoples lives in that place! God also opened up some doors for us to connect with some of the dancers and share with them Christ crucified! It was a great event, Praise Jesus!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Break Free Promo Video

Mike "Bishop" Swalley moves to the Lone Star State.Dallas, Texas

"As of August 17th, 2009 I am no longer living in California but have packed my bags (and there were a few!), and moved to Dallas, TX. Being led by God to go back to school, getting more equipped for the ministry I feel called too, the doors were opened to go to Dallas Theological Seminary. I will be getting a Masters of Theology (ThM) degree in Discipleship and Evangelism. This is a four year degree and I expect to use all four and maybe then some. The question I anticipate is, “What will happen to Break Free?” Good question.

The vision for Break Free that God is putting on both Josh’s and my heart is one of expansion and reaching all nations with the Gospel. This has been done by His providence in California by ministering to multiple international bboys. But with the start of bible studies and more intimate discipleship, we now want to see these bible studies in more places. My move to Dallas will be the start of this expansion. Josh will continue to head up Break Free Southern California. He will continue to do outreaches, street ministry, and discipleship through bible studies and one on one interactions.

While going to school, I will start Break Free in Dallas. The vision is similar to what God is already doing in CA, with the goal of Break Free Dallas up and running on its own when I is done with school. Either myself or someone in Dallas can expand it to another city. Much like planting churches, we have a desire to plant Break Free bible studies, outreach ministries and discipleship groups all over the world.

As I am writing this, I have just finished my second day of classes at DTS. One main thing impressed on me by Howard Hendricks, the professor of my Bible Study Methods class, is that he wants us to be able to teach others how to study the bible and ultimately make disciples. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here. Break Free is not over. It is actually just taking a step toward the vision God has placed on our hearts."