Monday, April 7, 2008

I Got Skillz Breakdance competiton Phoenix, AZ

One Place church, in downtown phoenix, hosted the first I got skillz breakdance competition. The event was great! We had a live DJ, Cre, who came from River of Life church. Two rappers who are brothers,Opex, gave a solid performance. Bboy sentrock (joseph) from For the Love crew, put up his graffiti art on the walls of the small church. Aaron,one of the pastors from my church, was the MC who got the event rolling. Then of course, the bboyn was alot of fun. There was 3 on 3 battles and the crowd had the privilege to jude who won each battle. Breakfree had to split up its members due to the size of our crew. The first battle was breakfree (josh,mike,tim) vs Andy, Nate, and Zack. Well... the crowd said that they won but I dont know about that! Then the second battle was For the Love (Drew, Joseph,shadow) vs Rez 3 (Caylin,shane,and a little girl whose name i dont know). For the love lost and once again, and we (breakfree) had to battle them for 3rd and 4th place. We lost again and I thought it was pretty close. Tim threw down his master swipes, joseph did his head spins, while mike was tearin it up on the floor work. Then came the final battle which was Rez 3 vs. Andy, Nate, and Zack. Andy displayed his flexibility and strength while nate threw down his swipes and Zack worked on his threads. Rez 3 had battled hard but fell short.Overall, the breakdancing was awesome. After all the battling the most important thing happend last. Mike had a team from his church in Anaheim california come down to help out. They performed a great drama skit to a christian song that portrayed the gospel message. God really moved. Then lastly, I had the great privilege of sharing a gospel message based off of a video that was shown before I spoke. The message was that the son (Christ) was killed so that others could live. I spoke on God's judgement,hell,justice, love, grace and forgivenss throught Jesus Christ's work on the cross! I really loved how Christ was moving and we were able to connect with people. We preach Christ and Him crucified!