Monday, December 10, 2007

So you think you can dance? Anaheim California

So you think you can dance? Calvary Chapel of Anaheim put on its first dance competition outing. The venue was set up real nice. It took place at Cal State Fullerton College and the dancing was great! From Hula dancing to Breakdancing, the diversity was fantastic. About 200 seats were filled and about 50 people stood in the back to watch, it was packed. There were judges,MC's, and there was also a live video feed of the dancing up on a big projection screen. The whole set up was done real well. As far as the bboyn goes, Tim (Veritaz), Landon (L), Josh (Beebop), Mike (Bishop) were particiapting for the purpose of having fun and sharing the gospel. Bishop's friends, who bboy, came and the battle was fierce! Bishop threw down his freeze's, Veritaz cleaned the floor with his smooth style, L came hard, while beebop got the crowd going. Of couse, the crowd favorite was Bishop, he had home court advantage. Most importantly, Mike was able to share the Truth of the Gospel with everyone. He spoke on the passage of scripture with blind Bartemaeus and how he wanted to be healed of his blindness. He correlated that to spiritual blindness and that those who dont know Christ personally are spiritually blind and lost. Jesus is the cure to man's disease (sin). The room was silent as the gospel was preached and seeds were planted! Good witnessing conversations came about with some of Mike's bboy friends who came to help dance. God moved mightily and the night was very memorable. Hopefully the next "So you think you can dance?" competition will be held in Phoenix in the near future.