Wednesday, April 7, 2010

King of OC- Irvine

Every Few months the a Battle is put on at the Heritage Community Center in Irvine called the King of OC. This past weekend it was a 2 on 2 battle in which Saint-E and Beebop represented Break Free. Ultimately, we wanted to represent Christ in the way we battled and conducted ourselves. As I sat and watched the bboy my heart felt a sorrow towards them because it seemed as if this is what most of these guys/girls live for. And I really want them to see that life is all about knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known to others. Please pray that Break Free has more compassion for the bboy scene and reaches to them in love and Truth! We had a lot of fun competing and we also want to plan doing more battles to reach out to the bboy community for Christ! "

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