Thursday, October 25, 2007


I grew up going to church, my mom was a Christian and as time went onmy siblings became Christians too. I believed in God and believedbecoming a Christian was the right thing to do, but I first wanted tohave my 'fun', sin for a season. So I did my own thing, the whole partyscene. I stole for fun, to make money, for pleasure. I was prettypopular in school being one of the better skateboarders, I wasrespected by the guys, I was confident in attracting the girls so I hadmy share of girlfriends too. I hated my life, I often wrote "lifesucks" as I day dreamed in class. I ditched a lot and barely graduated highschool. The only reason I did graduate was because of my new life in Christ. At the age of 15 one of my friends died, totally healthykid, completely out of the blue he died from a brain aneurism. That puta whole lot of fear into me, I thought if he could die at such a young age so could I. So I decided I needed to get my life right with God, Idont want to go to Hell, I knew that my sins seperated me from God andthat my sins would be paid by death. When I heard the news of my friendpassing away I was at a beach with a friend at a bon fire, where wewere about to drink alcohol he managed to get his hands onto. We bothwere convicted about our eternal destinations and both wanted to getright with God, so we started by throwing the alcohol away. I figuredas soon as I stop all my sin God will accept me and I'll be saved, so Ibegan to try and stop sinning....I tried very very hard. I couldntstop, I was addicted, the sin that really had a hold of me was lust. Itwas the one thing keeping me from perfection, so I thought. I tried andtried, I couldnt stop, sin had its chains of bondage around me. I began listening to sermons at church, reading my bible, and attendingChristian retreats. After probably a couple of years I finally began tounderstand that, its not about me saving myself and then going toChrist, it was about me going to Christ and Him saving me. I wanted tobe healed before I visited the doctor, I had it all wrong, I needed togo to the Doctor so that I can be healed. I finally understood it wasby grace alone that I am saved, not of works lest any man should boast.Up untill that point I was living a lukewarm life, I had enough of sin,and I wanted my WHOLE life in His hands, I gave my life up to Him,recognizing that Im saved by His finish work at the cross. Now I livein devotion to Him, seeking His will in my life daily, do I struggle?Oh yes I do, that's why I need to be continually seeking Him for graceand strength. Do I have a new heart? Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, yesI do, I hate sin and I desire to do whats right only because of thework He's done in me. I thank God for saving me from my foolish life ofdestruction, and for blessing me with treasures in Heaven. We have aGod of second chances and I thank Him for it. We will all see God oneday, either as a Savior and friend or as a Just Judge. You choose.

Landon aka L

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