Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Open Air Breakdancing with Ray Comfort, Hungtington Beach

I, Josh, have been planning this event for months. God gave me an idea to do this over a year ago, in which I thought about getting a group together to breakdance to draw a crowd while Ray Comfort open air preaches to them. Ray Comfort, for those of you who dont know, is part of Way of the Master TV show with Kirk Cameron, which is based entirely on helping equip believeres to share the Gospel. Ray has been a tremendous influence in my life and has really helped me to be more on fire for evangelism.Also, God provided two other bboys, Mike and Sam, who have a passion for the lost and who love to breakdance. So on Saturday, Oct. 2o all of us met up at huntington Beach pier to evangelize and it was AWESOME! The breakdance crew consisted Peter (swift child), Josh (beebop), Tim (Veritaz), Landon (L), Mike and Sam. We bboyed for about 4 hours total. Thank God the idea worked, we drew about 40 + people and then Ray and his crew, preached the Word! Ray and his team speak with strong conviction because of their love for lost sinners. I was able to witness to a bboy and I got in contact with many cool Christians. Tim and I met a couple from St. Petersburg Russia who invited us to come and do our ministry down there, which would be incredible if God permits. It was awesome to see how God brought all of this about! As Paul says, "Christ was preached and because of this I rejoice."

On a less important note, we had a breakdance battle. The crews were split: Landon, Josh, and Sam VS. Mike, Peter, and Tim. We had these young hispanic kids judge the battle... oh, who won? Mike was smooth with his top rock, while Tim threw down his Master swipes, Josh busted out his mills, L gave donkey kong a run for his money, Sam's crazy freezes and L-kicks, Peter's flips and creativity were all part of the show. The judges said my crew won but it could have gone either way.

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Patrick Roberts said...

that is so awesome, josh. thx for putting this stuff out on your blog

me and jess were getting a kick out of that goofy tract you gave me the other day, the one starring "Mr. Nice Guy" ... i love the picture with him and the caricatures of osama bin ladin, saddam hussein, etc.

good blog, buddy, see you around.