Thursday, July 14, 2011

Walking on Water: San Diego, CA

The Lord is good. A few months ago, I picked out a movie at Red Box called "Walking on Water" and watched it with Krista my wife. I was really inspired and encouraged. The movie is a documentary about a Christian surfer (Bryan Jennings) who takes two younger surfers around the world and tells them the gospel. I really loved the film and was pumped because it was available at redbox for the secular world to see. So fastforward a few months and krista and I were at Laguna beach going out to dinner. We walk around the corner and boom, we bump into Bryan Jennings (the guy from the movie). I went up to him and introduced myself, telling him how encouraged I was by the film. So we talked for about 20 min and Bryan was really excited about our break free ministry. Long story short, he asked Break Free to come down to one of his beach camps to perform and share Christ crucified. I love how the Lord does divine appointments! So we went to Point Loma University and ministered to a group of young junior highers. It was awesome! The kids had so much energy and it was great! I personally was low on energy but the Lord really came through. I shared my testimony and the gospel, then I gave an invitation. Praise the Lord about 13 kids made a decision to follow Christ that night! "The Lord is good and His love endures forever..." Psalm 100:5 To check out videos go to-

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