Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Huntington Beach- Open Air Preaching Ray Comfort/Breakfree Part 2

It was Saturday, June 20th, a rainy morning driving down to Huntington Beach to partner up with Ray Comfort in reaching the lost. Ray comfort and his team partnered up with breakfree in its beginning’s in Oct. 2007 (to see more on that past event look back in our blog). It was a blessing on how this event came about. About a month prior to this event Tim (veritaz) and I (beebop) were doing an event with FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes) at El Dorado high school. Right as we were walking onto the campus Mark Spence, Ray Comfort’s manager, sent me a text message, which read “ Praying for you brother. Be encouraged.” I was wondering how Mark was doing and was just thinking about them. Then sure enough, Mark text’s me at that school I went to with Tim. I thought that was real cool because a few days before Mark had sent me that text, my wife Krista and I we were on their website watching the event breakfree had done 2 years prior with Mark on Ray. It’s amazing how God works! Then I emailed Mark and told him that story and asked if they had any open dates for us to work with them again. June 20th was the date that was set. So after that long inftro. let me tell you how the event went. Like I said it was a rainy morning and as I was driving there I was praying that it would not rain. Right when it hit 1:30pm the rain pretty much ceased and the sun came out. Thank the Lord for great weather! Here is the breakfree line up that was there: For the guys it was Tim (Veritaz), Mike (Bishop), and Josh (Beebop). Then for the Ladies it was: Shelli (Shelbo), Liz (Figet), and Emily. Veritaz threw in his famous master swipes, Bishop blasted us with his barrel mills, beebop busted out his munch mills, Shelli cleaned up the floor with her smooth foot work, Liz showed off her top rock, and Emily had clean freezes! Ray Comfort powerfully shared the Truth. He took people who they thought were “good” through the Ten Commandment’s and then shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. So it was another duo of breakdancing to draw the crowd and to have Ray preach to that crowd. I vividly remember Ray showing great concern for a girl who went to catholic school and thought she was a good person. Ray preached the law, God’s grace, and the purpose of Jesus death on the cross. The girl acted like she didn’t care but God’s law, with the help of the Holy Spirit, was doing its work on her conscience and heart. We danced and Ray Preached for about 2 hours! It was awesome to see people come and hear the gospel. Veritaz and Bishop got to witness to another different group of breakdancers who did performances in that same spot. Tim said they were great conversations. Seeds were planted! After Ray left, I had the privilege to open air preach twice. I shared my personal testimony and incorporated the Gospel in how Jesus Christ transformed my life! There were crowds from about 15-40 people each time we danced and shared. The day was such a blessing and God truly gave us a great time! For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain! Philippians 1:21

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