Monday, May 28, 2007

BBOY'N Chicago style

Through the months of January-Early May, Beebop lived in a small town called Wheaton outside of Chicago. I was doing my internship (out of state) for my degree in exercsie and wellness for ASU. I worked at Lifetime Fitness of Burr Ridge and had, by Gods grace, a slew of witnessing opportunities. I was able to witness to most of most clients and co workers. It was an awesome experience!

A great opportunity was during one weekend in April, Tim (veritaz) and his brother Dan came out to visit me. So we planned a day when we would go into down town Chicago and of course, evanglize and breakdance. The day was beautiful and sunny, where a group of us did surveys with people at Millenium park with the sole purpose of sharing the gospel. There were many great witnessing conversations and seeds were planted in the hearts of the lost. After that, Tim and I noticed a couple people bboyn by the famous "bean" art structure located at the top of Millenium Park but they didn't have a boom box. So I came prepared with boombox in hand and slammed it down, put in some Fatboy slim and went at it! A crowd of about 100+ circled us as we threw it down on the floor. From mills to swipes, we bboyed for about 2 hours!Even Dan threw a back flip and joined in. We met some cool people and were also able to briefly share with some of the breakdancers. God really blessed our time out in downtown Chicago and to top it off, we ate Giorodanos Pizza courtesy of Jen Nenadov(thanx Jen

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Anonymous said...

that was such an awesome day definitely one that I'll always remember. But, I'll be praying for you guys too as you continue spreading the Word of God!